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Guarantee the Quality of Processing

Time:2019-06-17 Source:huaye

The quality of processing is very important for a company, which directly affects customer satisfaction. In order to ensure the quality of processing, our company has always hold the following principles:

Firstly, enhancing the awareness of staff. All staff should establish the concept of quality priority. Meanwhile processing order auditing and quality auditing are the obligations of staff.

Secondly, it’s necessary to fill in the “Tracking Form for Standardizing Processing Quality". Two points should be paid attention to when filling in the form: One is to ensure that the form is clear and standard, and the other is to fill in the form concretely and quantitatively. If customers feedback problems, filler must fill in truthfully and solve problems timely. By doing this work, our company can standardize operations, so as to ensure and promote the quality of processing.

Finally, the operation should be rigorous. In order to control the quality of processing, each process should be operated in accordance with the regulations. For example, our company should strictly process according to the size of the processing order, and do a good job of inspection in every process. Customer service personnel should also strictly check goods when goods in and out of warehouse. At the same time, staff should supervise each other. If there is any problem, staff should communicate with customers in time and take good records.





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