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Ensure fire safety

Time:2019-11-18 Source:huaye

The development of an enterprise is inseparable from safety. Our company always attaches great importance to fire safety. Not only the fire safety principals and managers perform the main responsibility of fire safety, but also the employees have knowledge of fire safety and jointly maintain the company's safety.

First of all, safety firefighters regularly conduct safety training for all our staff. In the safety training, the basic knowledge of fire prevention is explained by playing pictures and video materials, such as controlling combustible materials, isolating combustion-supporting materials, and eliminating sources of ignition to destroy the conditions that generate combustion. Through training employees have mastered the basic skills of fire evacuation and escape self-rescue.

Secondly, our company strictly implements fire safety responsibility. Security personnel strengthen inspections on duty to eliminate fire hazards in a timely manner. During the processing, the processing personnel strictly follow the procedures, and it is strictly prohibited to use fire and electricity in violation of regulations. The cleaning staff timely handle the flammable debris in the factory area, and store the flammable items in production and processing according to the standard classification. Place the fire yellow sand and fire extinguishers in turn at the exit of the factory area, check the fire buckets to ensure that they are hung on the fire yellow sand shelves, and go to the warehouse to collect the equipment in time if there are any leaks. In addition, on-duty personnel are arranged to strengthen fire inspection during the holidays.

Finally, our company regularly organizes fire drills and evacuation drills. Our company has set fire-fighting facilities and equipment as eye-catching signs, which indicate the operation and maintenance methods. At the same time, the passage was evacuated, and reminders and warning signs were set up at the safety exit, which improved the employees' self-prevention and self-rescue capabilities during the drill.





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