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Do A Good Job In Basic Work And Enhance Employees' Sense Of Belonging

Time:2019-10-14 Source:huaye

The people's Republic of China has been established for 70 years, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary, our company has actively held celebrations and created a good festival atmosphere.

During the National Day, our company did not forget to do basic work. For the processing plant area, the security personnel strengthened the inspection to ensure the safety of the factory area. The cleaning staff cleaned the glass and the ground. The processing personnel cleaned the dust on the equipment, maintained the machinery and equipment, and placed the items in the knife holder cabinet. Putting the details into practice and ensuring the clean and tidy environment of the factory. For the office area, the cleaning staff cleaned the floor, canopy and carport in front of the office building, and cleaned the desks and office chairs in the office. For the dormitory area, the cleaning staff cleaned up the dormitory garbage in time. The administrative staff did the maintenance and repair work of the dormitory. The safe and comfortable working environment enhance the sense of belonging and identity of employees, so as to provide customers with more satisfactory services.





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