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Build a smart industrial ecosystem

Time:2020-05-29 Source:huaye

Since the industrial internet was first included in the Government Work Report last year, it was classified as one of the key directions of "new infrastructure" at the beginning of this year. With the convening of the recent NPC and CPPCC sessions, the heat of the "industrial Internet" has soared again. It becomes the focus of this year’s attention, also caused more discussions in the industry.

In his report on the work of the government on May 22, Premier Li Keqiang gave important instructions on the construction of new infrastructure and industrial Internet .
· Upgrade the manufacturing sector and promote the development of emerging industries.
· Substantially increase medium and long term loan to the manufacturing sector.
· Develop industrial Internet and promote intelligent manufacturing.
· Continue to introduce supporting policies, comprehensively promote the "Internet plus", create new advantages in the digital economy.

The changes brought about by the epidemic have had a significant impact on the world economy. In the face of market headwinds, the competitiveness of individual enterprises has been exposed. In the process of resuming work and production, most steel enterprises have encountered the problems of the supply of upstream raw materials, the demand of downstream steel industry and the consumption of end-user are not synchronal during starting up. Therefore, the current market competition is no longer the "point" to “point" competition between enterprises, but the competition of industrial chain and the ability of system integration. Only by establishing a stable industrial chain and forming a mutually integrated industrial ecosystem can we enhance our ability to fight against the strong wind and waves.

With the help of Legang i-cloud system, Huaye has effectively improved work efficiency in actual business transactions and office applications, bringing convenient and efficient use experience to the company's employees and customers. The direct shopping mall has broken the traditional way of purchasing steel by telephone and realized that customers can place orders and pick up goods independently in the mall. The customer market is also gradually expanding. The processing link of supply chain service realizes the supplier's intelligent review, intelligent storage and intelligent inventory management. Financial management is more transparent, as long as the company received client money, the client can apply for picking up goods and invoicing in the system by himself. The development of information technology has brought opportunities to the management of Huaye, so that both customers and employees can enjoy the benefits of science and technology.





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