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Epidemic Prevention

Time:2020-02-19 Source:huaye

Our company has been started working at recent time. In order to prevent the epidemic situation which caused by coronavirus. Our company has taken the following measures, such as:

1. Setting up the office of epidemic prevention and control,as the headquarters to deploy epidemic prevention and control work. Including: establishing the epidemic prevention and control work system, formulating the internal prevention and control work plan, and implementing necessary prevention and control material support measures.

2. According to the requirements of relevant government departments, report the situation of enterprise epidemic prevention, and complete other prevention and control work assigned by the government.

3. Conducting daily health condition survey and contact personnel survey for our staff, grasping staff's physical condition and contact with potential pathogens timely.

4. Our company will take the temperature of the staff who have returned to work every day, and pay attention to their physical conditions in real time. We will immediately isolate the staff with abnormal temperature, cough, diarrhea and weakness.

5. Besides, our company distributes masks and alcohol pad to each of employee to protect them from the coronavirus. And strictly requires every employee to wear a mask when entering public areas.

6. Our company also strengthens the propaganda of epidemic prevention and control and personal epidemic prevention, and explains the severity of the epidemic and specific methods of virus prevention to employees.

For now, our company did not appear coronavirus infection. After that, we will continue to do our best to prevent and control the epidemic, ensure the health of employees, to minimize the impact of the epidemic on our company.





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