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The new height of daily in-out processing volume in Shanghai Huaye processing center

Time:2013-06-22 Source:huaye

In the first quarter of 2014, when facing the tough market situation, Tianjin Huaye Steel Processing Center actively explores foreign markets by adjusting product structure, strengthening technical communication, steadily opening up new markets and other measures, which contributes to the increase of the exports of steel sales by 102% with gross margin increasing to 105%. The company’s business still maintains a rapid growth.

This year, under the downturn market situation in steel exporting, Tianjin Huaye actively explores the foreign markets by paying close attention to export markets, strengthening information communication, allocating domestic and foreign resources in a mild tempo under different market situation, timely adjusting product marketing programs and strongly adjusting product structure.

On the production organization level, Tianjin Huaye actively promotes the optimization of production and strengthens the collection and organization of monthly orders, to ensure stable monthly production plans and marketing plans, in order to achieve promotion in both production & sales to promote improved delivery standards, which vigorously shortens the delivery cycle.

In the marketing strategy, directed by the guiding ideology of sales of" stabilizing main products and exploring the high value-added products", and the concept of " controlling the low, inferior, and wide resources, while increasing the high, superior, and collective ones ", Tianjin Huaye comprehensively adjusts its product mix to promote it to high-end, boutique development.

On the sales force management, Tianjin Huaye strengthens its evaluation system, by refining the sales index to each salesman and increasing the assessing proportion of the gross profit margin, which significantly increases the enthusiasm of the marketing staff. When strengthening the existing market share, Tianjin Huaye strengthens Africa, the Middle East , Southeast Asia 's efforts to develop new customers , and successfully close deal with customers in Tajikistan , Southeast Asia customers, and so on. It is reported that recently Tianjin Huaye again signed 1100 tons order, and they are stepping up its scheduling production to ensure early delivery to meet customer needs.


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